The scheme of cadet College Pano Aqil was announced by the Prime Minister of Pakistan during his visit of Sindh Province from 08 to 11 December 1991. However Administrative Approval (A.A) was accorded by the Govt. of Sindh on Dated 05-01-1993 at an estimated cost of Rs. 70.00 million from Tameer-e-Sindh program (Prime Minister’s Special Program)

Meanwhile funds were released by the Govt. of Sindh which were given by the Fedral Government up to 1995-96 and same were utilized for compensation of land which was acquired from the private agency.

After 1995-96 no funds were released on the above scheme. The same scheme was given rebirth during the financial year 2002-03 and tenders in question were invited looking into the availability of funds.

The scheme was revised in the years 2002-03. As approved by the PDWP in its meeting held on 30-11-2002 at Karachi.

After devolution, the District Govt.: Sukkur took initiative of restarting the scheme as per revised PC-1 and funding from their ADP’s.

The District Govt: Sukkur funded the scheme from the financial year 2002-03 to 2007-08 for physical completion of the project up to June 2008.

The scheme envisages the establishment of residential institution to impart quality education from class VIII to XII in Pre-medical and Pre-engineering groups having amalgam of academic courses and physical Military Training with the objective of preparing young men for taking up responsibility / position in the Armed Forces, Civil Services and other spheres of life.