1 I feel privileged and honoured to head an institution which can be part of noble process of generation transformation. Cadet colleges at one place act seedlings venue for Pakistan Army and at the same time incalculate valuable disciplinary norms and leadership traits among its cadets. I as Principal will ensure not only progressive growth / development of the institution but will cultivate a culture full of values. Cadets will not only be subjected to a purpose designed routine but will also be imparted quality education through modern teaching paradigms. 21st century learning skill development will stay a top priority assignment to me. I ensure our very valuable customers that they will observe a positive change in the personality of their ward on each coming day. Name: Lt Col (R) Javaid Aleem
Designation: Principal
Contact No (office): 071-5700700
2 Name: Captain Adrish Matloob
Designation: Adjutant
Contact No (office): 071-5700704
3 Name: Ashfaque Ahmed Mangrio
Designation: Maintenance Engineer
Contact No (office): 071-5700703
4 Name: Syed Adeel Ahmed Shah
Designation: Admin Officer
Contact No (office): 071-5700706
5 Name: Naeemullah Bullo
Designation: Accounts Officer
Contact No (office): 071-5700705
6 Name: Gul Bahar Kalwar
Designation: Office Superintendent
Contact No (office): 071-5700720
7 Name: Muhammad Shafique Kalwar
Designation: Director of Studies
Contact No (office): 071-5700707